DEPRESSION: How to be free from MENTAL DEPRESSION;4 Steps for Depression Treatment

DEPRESSION: How to be free from MENTAL DEPRESSION;4 Steps for Depression Treatment

Hey, I know it’s somewhat a cliché to see this kind of write up on the internet, but am not just writing this from some book I read or some fake depression essay or rather some motivational video I saw NO!… This is a true life experience that was bound to make my life worth giving away or should I say, yours sincerely was at the verge of suicide.


After graduating from High School and writing all the necessary examinations in order to be taken into college a.k.a the UNIVERSITY. I waited for an admission into college that wasn’t forth coming. So, one afternoon I was on one of the popular social media platforms, scrolling through my news feeds and I bumped into the post of one of my classmates while in high school, with pictures of an occasion that looked like a matriculation ceremony. And it was captioned;

“#School #Matric #UNI, Y’all can sit and watch while we take over the word…#fresher”

After seeing this post you should know what I felt next…THE END

  The kind of depression I felt at that moment is worth medical practitioners refer to as “depression from social media”. Now if depression were to be quantified by a physical quantity, mine would have been more than the waters in the Lake Victoria. Gosh!! To the extent I cut off from any social media platform, got mad at the slightest provocation, separated myself from the gathering of my loved ones (Family and Friends)..

Thoughts like,

Is He Better Than Me?

My JAMB Score Was Higher Than His…

Is It Because My Parents Are Not As Buoyant As His?….No!

Ran through my mind daily for close to 2 years!!! I mean two good and wasted years living with such down casting and disgusting thought. To the point of suicide!.

Not until This LIGHT am about to reveal to you as you read on, HIT! Me with such high velocity that I understood what depression had done to my life. Cos if it hadn’t I wouldn’t have been writing this to save someone.


Your situation might be more painful than mine or maybe less, but I have overtime learned some steps that I am about to share with that will free you forever from depression. This steps have worked for various people I have had the chance to talk to and counsel, Now you need to know that depression is real and being free from depression doesn’t take time, it could happen in a second, in fact why depression a killer is because it affects your mind and when a person’s mind is affected She/he is done for. HERE are 4 steps I took that made me free from depression each time it raised its ugly face.


Studies show that the mirror makes you 7x more attractive than you perceive you self to be, so why not look into the mirror toady, NO!. The mirror helps in the conversational part of “being perfect”. It helps when you stare at the mirror and speak to yourself, not just saying anything but telling yourself that “I am perfect, this situation is below me to weigh me down, look at my perfectly shaved eye brows, my perfectly shaved hair. There’s no need to worry, I am perfect”. That brings us to the next step;


Could a human being ever stop thinking? I doubt!, except you are some religious fanatic or something else. “Stop Thinking” here means taking your mind off stuff that will affect you emotionally. For example, in the story above, depression started the moment I started thinking about my mates success in the university and how it affected me negatively without him knowing.

  Activities to take your mind of thinking are

-Play Games

-See a movie, preferably action, and adventure or sci-fi. I would stay away from romance and tragedy or anything sort of that.

-Go for a drink

-Go site seeing etc


 I will always encourage you to be around the people you love, but take note : a lot of people carry bad energy/vibes these days. At least for the period that you sense a depression wave coming, never take their opinion. Do what will make you happy and take your mind off bad feelings.

“Have a company that will result to happiness, not one that gives happiness because it might just be short lived”


Finally and most importantly, LOOK ELSEWHERE. In my story I centered my mind on waiting for an admission that wasn’t forth coming instead of exploring the world for other opportunities like; getting a part time job, enrolling in a gym class, playing football or even taking a yoga class. If it’s in the area of relationship and he or she broke your heart and you feel like their love is the best, YOU LIE! ….LOOK ELSEWHERE, someone out there is waiting or rather dying to have you in their arms. All you need do is look elsewhere.


I know depression has many types, causes and symptoms. But one thing am sure of is it passes away and with this guides I have given above, it is impossible to be a prisoner to depression again. I would also advice going to religious places as they sometimes proffer a long lasting treatment to depression, preferably the church. Go to one close to you today and find out for yourself it might be a live changing experience.

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