Burna Boy : Grammy Nomination And Defeat To Angelique Kidjo

Burna Boy : Grammy Nomination And Defeat To Angelique Kidjo

The Grammy awards was another outstanding event in the history of world music that has been anticipated all over the world. This year’s Grammy however, came with an unexpected excitement and fire from the nominations to the award since its release on November 20, 2019.
So many popular Musicians in the highlights and amongst them the most striking and anticipated outcome is the nomination for Africa, specifically Nigeria which has spiked a lot of feelings throughout Nigeria and Africa in general.
The Nigerian Afro Star Burna Boy popularly known as Oluwa Burna brings Nigeria to the forefront of attention at this year’s Grammy award spotlight and has caused high anticipations by his nominations in the category for his acclaimed album ‘African Giant’ in the unfolding events.
His nominations were prompted for his Fela kind of music that rocked Nigeria airways in the 80s for his outspokenness about political oppressions and corruption which was the major concentration of his lyrical content of his Album ‘African Giant’ creating a world-wide attention to his music.
Though the event turned out in favour of his contender, the Beninise legend Angelique Kidjo who won the award for the Best World Music Album with her Salsa album, Celia.
Kidjo who is known to be outstanding by blending so many music styles of great musicians like Mirian Makeba, Bob Marley and Sam Cooke producing an irresistible sound and with that made her album, Celia which has won her the Grammy
Kidjo wowed the crowd when she dedicated the award to Burna Boy in her opening speech and recognized him as a musical professional that has taken Africa beyond expectations.
In her words she said, “The new generation of artist coming from Africa
are going to take you by storm, and the time has come”
She also hinted that she had mentioned four years ago that Africa will hit the music industry like a storm. That dedication alone has brought light to Burna Boy’s sync with the Legend Angelique Kidjo as Burna has professed that she has been one of his mentor and role model as he pursued his musical career. Notwithstanding, Burna, has .
It has also been discovered that some of Burna Boy’s Melody has root in Angelica Kijo’s traditional songs and melodies. There’s no wonder the two artist produced powerful magic through their music and on their way to the Grammy award. This has changed the way people perceive African Music in the international market and in the main stream music.
Burna boy after some moments of silence after the Grammy awards breaks silence, took to his Instagram and Tweeter to congratulate Angelique Kidjo.

Burna Boy : Grammy Nomination And Defeat To Angelique Kidjo

The Afro Star proclaimed Angelique Kidjo as “Mama Africa”. Burna Boy has also promised his fans to expect lots of great contents from him along-side other great artist as the year starts with such bright prospects.

News Credit : Friday Ogba for Commotplug.com.ng


  1. I guess Burna Boy will have to reinevnt his music. Angelique Kidjo’s Celia carried many traditional tributes. I guess he should look to traditional music next time. I rooted for him though.

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