There are basically 3 inevitable facts that we as human beings have come to understand in life that we can’t do with out and need to know. The basic necessities of life which are shelter,clothing and food still count as necessary, but in our various endeavour as business people or white collar folks, we have fats that can never be ignored. There are


Failure is a thing that must happen in life except success fights its way through the road
because if a person those not succeed then he/she must definitely fail. Human being are fund of running away from failure which is a very wrong thing to do, when you run from failure it means you are scared of it and it also means that you can never escape it, when failure sees fear in you it tends to take its chance in your life and get a hold of you immediately because it know that you cannot overcome it and it also means that you have given failure the ability to chase success out of your life.
The difference between success and failure is that success has to do with following the right direction to your destiny’s destination while failure is when a person doesn’t know the right destination to follow, most people think failure is when a person refuses to follow the right direction but they do not know that if an individual happens to know the right direction he/she would not be an instrument of failure, knowing the direction the follow and refusing to follow the direction are two different things, it becomes a problem on your side when you know the right direction to follow but still refuse to follow it because this is not just failing but it is running into failure with open arms, failure is when a person those not know where to go, in this situation this person is lost and needs help to be able to get back on track. You will never fail if you drive towards success, you will never fail if you do not fear failure, you would only succeed if you are determined to because success is a decision and people who want success have made that decision a long time ago.
You need to make the right decision now because if you don’t failure may just be knocking at your door and you may just open it unknowingly, you need to know the difference between the knock of failure and the knock of success because the knock of failure may come at the beginning of your journey while the knock of success always comes at the end of every sincere struggle in a journey, success does not just knock on your door at anytime it knocks only when you are ready, it knocks only when you have reached that destination, it comes only when you have arrived because it is not cheaply acquired because it can never be bought, any success that is bought is fake and anything that is fake would surely reveal its true self one faithful day because nothing is hidden under the sun. you haven’t truly failed if you haven’t given up on success which means if you fell down in the race you can still get back up with hope to win to the finish, which means if you are crying right now you can still wipe your tears and move on with a decision never to cry again, you are your future, you are your destiny, you are your winner, you write you faith yourself, you decide what happens and when it happens.

Death is real of course, whoever told you that death isn’t real is definitely planning death
for you and doesn’t want you to see it coming, for the fact that death is real doesn’t mean that you spend your entire time thinking about how yours would come because I tell you that it is only people who plan to fail that worry about death, they worry so much about death because they always love to give themselves excuses to why they do not need to succeed, people are so scared of death that they no longer want success stories anymore because they feel it would all become a waste when they are lying in that coffin, I want you to know that you have only one opportunity to be a king and that opportunity is in this world because when you die you can never ever rule again, make use of this opportunity so that you can shine your light for others to follow your footsteps, someone has to inspire the others and don’t always make yourself feel anyone can inspire people but make yourself think that you can inspire people because if we keep shifting our responsibilities to others then no one would be inspired by anyone.
Death will surely come for you but I want you to know that you can occupy your mind with your journey to success in such a way that death wouldn’t concern you, it is only when you are idle the thought of death would begin to creep into your head but if your head is filled with success journey then death wouldn’t come in at all. You have got to leave a mark on earth not just any mark but a mark of difference a mark to show that you never chased quick success, a mark to show that you never followed short cuts, in other to give the next generation a reason not to follow shortcuts in their own journey. Your fear of death is a clear indication that you have lost in the race already, it shows that you do not feel like pushing forward again and it gives you a reason to fail. You haven’t died yet because you are breathing but the fact that you are thinking so much about death means that you are awaiting your own death. Do not let the realness of death push you off track because you may just die and never get on track, pretend it doesn’t exist and work hard in life, pretend you didn’t see it take someone and hour ago and you will succeed, pretend like you’ve never heard of it and you will reach your destination.
Never agree to go on a race with death because it’s the fastest and it never accepts defeat and it doesn’t care if it cheats the win, you can run races with success and failure with hope of winning but not death, the only time death can gain authority over you is when you give it priority attention over your life but if you ignore it then you may buy yourself a lot of time. You are stronger than death because you have the ability to live and die without its consent but it’s up to you to decide if death has power over you or not ask yourself?

We always tell ourselves lies, so many people lie to feel comfortable not knowing that the time they actually lied something true would have been achieved, people lie to get out of situations not knowing that those lies had taken them into deeper situation that may reflect later in future, people lie about everything conveniently but later get hunted by the truth inconveniently because every convenience that comes with a lie can only last a few moments in life. The lie that saved your ass and got you a lot of money today can destroy you tomorrow and take everything away from you, we always give ourselves reasons to lie about something when deep inside us we know that there are reasons we should have told the truth.
Your success may be achieved through lies and still be success but the only difference between a truly achieved success and a lied filled success is the fact that every true success comes with a story a story that can be told by every achiever while every fake success stands on its own it stands alone with no evidence to show that the achiever passed through certain roads and paths to get there, fake success always gets exposed while true success always gets congratulated and appreciated forever because of the story behind it and not just because of the result. Stop the lying now or your future stands a chance of collapse, stop the lying now or your fake success stands a chance of getting hold of your future tomorrow, your life needs the truth to move forward because lies only take you backward in every step.

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